AER Ventures provides subject matter expert consulting & staffing for Data Strategy/Governance, AI/ML solutions, and innovations in both human & machine-based Decision Sciences to catapult organizations into the next generation of cyber-competitive market dominance.

We excel at the unique intersection of Decision Sciences and Operations, to shape Data Driven, resilient, cloud migrated, and Globally Capable Enterprise for the Digital Age.

Providing Customized Solutions:
Cloud-based Enterprise Digital Transformation for Revenue Expansion and Business Resilience.
Real-time decision systems through Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Machine Learning overlays.
Data Strategy & Monetization with Proprietary, Alternative and Open Data.
Information Security audits and enterprise action plan to provide vulnerability mitigation.
Automated event processing in managing Supply Chains, Logistics, and numerous fast-moving data.
Post-acquisition integration of Enterprise-wide systems with master account identification.
Global Perspective and Operations to identify and accelerate market segment growth opportunities.
Cloud migrated, shared data for IoT and Edge Computing solutions.

Expertise Verticals:
Foreign & Domestic Governments, open data & e-governance
Banking & Financial Asset Management
Property Development & Real Estate
Infrastructure & Energy
Mining, Chemicals & Manufacturing
Communication Technology, SaaS

Data is an Asset and should contribute to enterprise profitability just like any real asset. Let us help you transform your enterprise into a resilient, market-responsive organization with advanced Decision Systems based on reliable, enriched data.


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